Once you register on the website Create Studio you will receive an email with login link for your store with more details.

Register on Manage Studio

Studio Configuration

Add Locations

To add locations goto Admin Panel and click on Add Data from left side menu and select locations.Now you see the list of locations available to add more locations click on add more button on top left corner. Fill the data and click on submit button this will create new location in it.

Add Sessions & Pricing

To add Sessions goto Admin Panel and click on Add Data from left side menu and select Sessions.Now you see the list of sessions available to add more sessions click on add more button on top left corner. Fill the data and click on submit button this will create new session in it.

Create Package (Number of Sessions Per Month)

Now since locations and sessions are added we set the session per month to be apply for customers.

Add Time-Table

Add Time table for your studio.

Add Trainer For Locations

Add Trainer for perticular locations and sessions.

Set Tax For Your Studio Billing

Add Taxes which you want to add inclusivly or exclusivly in the invoices you were generate.

Add Members / Customers

Now add your customers in the system and keep thier record for further billing.

Customer Useage

How Customer Books A Demo For Class

The Customer / Member goes to the website and clicks on the demo creation button , fills data and create a google calender event. The customer goes to the demo class on created date as the google calender reminds the customer and admin for the same demo, when he gets a demo a triner or admin updates the customer status as done, if customer not came the demo status should be pending and if the customer wants to join a class the status will be joined. The join status will auomatically adds a customer for particular location and session instatantly in the studio

Customer Dashboard

The Customer / Member created gets a login user id and password from which he can login to his account and checks the status of the plan he purchas, the scheduling, expiry of plan, requests extention in plan, make referals to friends, check other location of studio in map and much more...

Trainer Useage

How to book Class for Customer

Trainer will get the customer list from panel and add a class to customer after that trainer selects plan for customer by clicking on renew button.

Mark Own & Customer Attendance

Trainer can mark attendance of own and customer.If trainer just want to visit the mark attendance page for customer renewal he can choose check in option. Just swipe from right to left to see all statistics of mark attendance.

Manage Invoices

The trainers can see the invoices for their respetive orders they had placed through customers.

Trainer Dashboard

Trainer dashboard contains all the link in tab for his work.

Admin Useage


The admin will have access to all statistics and reports in the admin dashboard section.

Approve Trainer Invoices & Attendance

The Admin has to approve all the invoices that are submitted by the trainer for approval, And Attendance of trainer

Edit Invoices

The admin has an option to see all the invoices that are there and edit the invoice like edit email of customer, edit start or end date, update balance remaining and change the trainer handling that customer.

Add Branch Expenses

Admin can add and maintain the record for expenses done for different branches for differnt purposes like light bill, mobile, cleaning etc.


The admin can set permissions for the studio.He has to set the type of person he has to set the training for.